New – SST Pro X Performance Head Guard RHP Medium (Single Sided)


SST Pro X Performance Inner-Hat Head Protection for Right Handed Pitchers. For players with hat sizes 7-3/8 to 7-1/2 or Medium/Large Flex Fit Hats.

Protects the most vulnerable side of the head due to a right handed pitcher’s mechanics and follow through.

Please refer to the sizing chart below to ensure a proper fit.

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Iron on Velcro is recommended.  Adhesives can be used but will need to be changed periodically.  The guards can be used as designed without any attachments and will not move while being worn.


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sst sizing chart

Fitted inside the hat providing coverage from the side of the logo / bill of the hat to behind the ear.  Right handed pitchers insert the guard on the right side of the hat and left handed pitchers insert the guard on the left side of the hat.


Each SST Pro X Performance Guard has an approximate thickness of 1/5″ and weighs approximately 2.2 ounces.  Important: A larger hat size may be required with use to maintain a proper level of comfort.  However, the vast majority of players can their existing hat size.

SST Pro X Performance Guards are unlike any other padded cap for pitchers, only covering the most at-risk area of a pitcher’s head.  This allows the pitcher to wear concealed head protection without any physical or mental distraction.  When used with a properly sized hat, the guard is virtually unnoticeable.

The SST Pro X Performance Guard for Pitchers is designed for optimal energy dispersion in the event of a batted ball impact.  The inside of the SST Head Protection Guard is lined with a high density polyurethane padding for added comfort and protection.


All SST Products have been put through a battery of impact tests ranging from 60-93 MPH.  Using a headform, triaxial accelerometer, and launcher, we were able to determine a very tangible difference in G Forces when impacted with and without the SST Head Guard.

Notice: SST aims to provide products that may help reduce the risk or level of serious injury. SST products cannot and does not prevent injury or guarantee safety from injury. SST products should only be used as intended and as detailed in the product description. Failing to use SST products as intended could result in serious injury or death.



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