1) Q: What are SST’s head guards made of?

A: SST head guards are made of carbon fiber composites. Read more    about carbon fiber HERE.  Read more about SST’s technology HERE

2) Q: What coverage is provided by SST head guards?

A: SST’s head guards cover the most vulnerable part of the head protecting the parietal bone and middle meningeal artery.

3) Q: Should I choose single-sided or dual-sided coverage?

A: Single-sided coverage protects only the exposed side of a pitcher’s head based off his pitching mechanics. Dual-sided coverage is recommended for players in multiple positions. SST strongly recommends dual-sided protection for players under the age of 15.

4) Q: How do I know which size of the head guards to purchase?

A: SST provides a detailed sizing chart that can be found HERE. Recommendations are available for flex fit and straight fit hats. We recommend purchasing the smaller size if your hat size is in between two sizes because SST head guards are contoured to fit precisely in each hat size.

5) Q: How do I determine my hat size?

A: To determine an accurate hat size, measure around the crown of the head slightly above the ears.  Divide that number of inches by 3.14. This calculated number will give you the fitted hat size.

6) Q: How do I keep my SST head guards securely in the hat?

A: SST recommends double-sided adhesive tape. 30-foot rolls of this adhesive are available through SST for $7.95 when ordering your guard. Contact to purchase an adhesive roll. Similar adhesives can be found at local hardware stores. Some hats might require an extra adhesive strip to be placed at the top of your guard(s).

*SST is in the process of producing a better alternative to the provided adhesive strips. Check back on for details in the coming weeks.

7) Q: Does SST offer special pricing for bulk and/or team orders?

A: SST offers discounts for orders of 5+ guard sets. Contact SST at 470- 238-9778 or e-mail for pricing and information.

8) Q: Can I find SST’s head guards in a store near me?

A: SST is working with multiple vendors to get our products out to consumers. Check our our dealers page HERE to find where our head guards may be available near you.

9) Q: What is SST’s return policy?

A: Returns can be made within 30 days of purchase and must be made within 15 days to avoid a re-stocking fee. Exchanges can be made within 60 days of purchase. Contact SST at 470-238-9778 or email to initiate a return or exchange.

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us.