Houston Astros’ Collin McHugh Explains Why He Uses SST On the Mound

“The reward that you get from wearing [SST head guards] could be life changing.”  

A Brief History of Head Protection in Baseball and What the Might Future Hold

Nearly 100 years ago, the science of head injuries was nearly nonexistent.  CTE had yet to be discovered and “traumatic brain injury” was not a mainstream phrase.  Hitters didn’t wear any helmets or head protection at the plate.  And pitchers… well, that would be silly wouldn’t it? In 1920 at the Polo Grounds, Ray Chapman
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John McGrath: Powers that be needs to put heads together to protect pitchers

“The sound of the ball off the skull of Los Angeles Angels pitcher Matt Shoemaker was a vivid thud that could be heard throughout Safeco Field. A second later, the ballpark went silent. For five minutes, there was no music on the loud speaker system, no noise blaring from the video board. The only voices
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How I Feel About Head Protection: A Player’s Perspective

I was four years old when I played my first baseball game.  Even at such a young age, I could feel a passion and fire for the game emerging inside me.  I wanted the game to be played the right way.  How ticked off I would get at my fellow tee-ballers when they would decide
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Pirates’ Jameson Taillon ‘doing well’ after line drive to back of head

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